This book costs 20 dollars.

Entry is strictly for staff only.

The miners work in dangerous conditions.

He wants these shirts washed.

Do you want this octopus to have fewer legs?

I am a very sad man.


I escaped the accident by the skin of my teeth.

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Chris' heart felt so empty and damaged that it couldn't be repaired.


I am a human being.

We should study together.

We can't let them kill Elijah.

Still recovering from last night?

Have you been smoking?

Dan is the only rogue around here.

It is our reaction to hunger that can make us overeat or eat the wrong things.

You are sloth!

You're supposed to come home straight after school. You know that.

Roxana crouched down next to Martin.

They have to lose.

It is her eldest daughter that he loves most.

Einstein also showed how mass and energy were equivalent.

Repeat what I have just told you.

I remember meeting that man at Cambridge before.

What's your favorite kind of weather?

My living room has wide windows.

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I think you should retire.


Did you read the classified ads in the newspaper today?


I don't even feel like it anymore.

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After she picked up the first glass and water went all over the place, she called the boss out.

We discussed the problem freely.

Moore isn't very good at math.

My head does hurt a little.

Registration is only valid after payment in advance.

I assume you are talking about Ravi.

Anna is full.

I saw Philip through the windshield.

It was beautiful to see how they moved with so much coordination.


We spoke of several issues.

I often get up very early.

I've never been wrong.

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Panzer's appearance is noticeably different.

Do you happen to know a man by the name of Brown?

I tried to persuade Seth to join us.

This is a good place to build a house.

Our fossil fueled based industrial civilization will eventually collapse.

Boy, that hamburger really hit the spot.

I'll pay you back with my calculus notes.

We are facing a violent crisis.

Where is the real one?


Sherman did what he promised me he'd do.


But she's innocent!

I'll be waiting for him.

I hope Kenton is going to help us.

Can't you do that on your own?

Have you ever spoken to them?

Even though Syed's in his forties, he still lives at home with his parents.

Silly, isn't it?


They ganged up on him.


Shatter called Lou to say he'd be late.

Cats are smarter than you think.

I bit off more than I could chew.

That's just what we wanted.

I've been waiting for almost half an hour.


I wanted to hurt you.


Material used in this book is reproduced from other texts.

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

I told them to stuff it.


Call 1-800 TATOEBA now for a free sentence.

Is it close enough to walk there?

Let's not waste time talking about Dawson.

Would you like me to help you with your homework?

John spoke in such a loud voice that I could hear him upstairs.

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Konstantinos wanted Jiri to drive John to the library.

Why is your mouth open?

You have to get them out of here.


I regret to inform you that I will be unable to keep our appointment for February 27.


Humans are part of nature.

Allen is only going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

I hear you Americans like to move from place to place.

Ben put his hands in his pockets.

I felt drawn toward her.


He stated his belief that God created us.

As the popping sound of the fireworks stopped, it suddenly became quiet around me. The smell of gunpowder somehow put me in a sentimental mood.

Currently, both of these projects have been realized.

You're the only person I know who doesn't eat meat.

"No, I think not," answered the Queen.

I could never hurt you.

Sandeep heard a voice behind him.

The child is eating meat.

I saw them over there a while ago.


Nothing else will fit in the trunk.

Crime is on the increase.

Today is a non-burnable rubbish day.


Do whatever you want. I don't care.

Phiroze got in the car and they drove off.

The common language of many Asians is English.


Enter the laboratory and press the emergency button.

Calculus was developed by Leibniz and Newton independently of each other around the same time period.

I thought I heard Laura's voice.


You can't make up for lost time.

It's obvious that Brad is exhausted.

let's not get ahead of ourselves

Who likes Tony?

But where do we get those sentences? And how do we translate them?

He looked unfriendly at first.

We were more or less disappointed about the election.

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She conferred with her lawyer.

Why haven't you gone to sleep yet? You should go to sleep sooner.

Something could've been overlooked.

I'm glad to hear that.

The man was jailed as spy.

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The man claimed he didn't take the money.

Rudy sometimes plays tennis with Anton.

Don't be a pain!

Someone is always on duty.

He tumbled down the stairs.

Amir asked me what had become of Terry.

She won the wet t-shirt contest.

That's not what Srikanth says.

A word spoken is past recalling.


I think Gil is hypocritical.

Hebrew was, for him, a bit more difficult than he imagined.

Wisdom does not consist only in knowing facts.

Whoever knows him well respects him.

It matters very little what college you graduated from.

Lloyd played a few tunes on the piano.

I had a long talk with her.


Kenneth is a choirboy.

Automatic doors can be controlled more intelligently than is now the case. A newly developed control system opens the door only when someone is actually approaching. The door will remain closed if someone is merely standing in front of it or walking past.

She has her arm in a cast.

Esperanto - for you to understand the world.

The combination is 10-42-30.

Breakfast TV presenters tend to be unbearably perky.

It's all you can really do.

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This is Nina, your granddaughter.

Lenora and Jarl could make themselves understood in French.

It took us a long time, but finally we were able to find her.

Our teacher has a wonderful sense of humor.

Don't send me notes anymore.


I want to live in Tampa.

Parks are to the city what lungs are to the animal.

We don't think Patricia killed Celia.

Ricky sometimes plays tennis with Jordan.

I spoke to Kenn last night and he told me that he likes you.

Would you please stop singing?

We like to fight.


Where's the train station?

Over there!

Why do you care about him?

Everyone has points of weakness.

Charlie's hard work has paid off.

Nate didn't want to make any assumptions.

You're not as important as you think you are.

The girl insisted on going shopping with her mother.

The more countries a language is spoken in, the less important it is to sound like a native speaker, since speakers of that language are accustomed to hearing various dialects.

Nobody knows where Omar came from.

We cannot hope for success in life unless we are in good health.

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Who is the man sitting in the corner?

Julius's been around the world and back several times.

In the Palatinate the pastor goes to church with a pipe.

She folded the baby in her arms.

Don't blame me for that.

I want to know why you think we should do this.

Ramanan asked Michael which way to turn.

Many European people are aware of environmental problems.

I haven't spoken to anybody.

I have had a stroke before.

It has become quite autumnal.